Pool of topics for thesis and research

Topic Law

Draft of a law to regulate possessions and relationships within communities and polyamorous partnerships


Topic Politics, Sociology, Statistics

Use of alternative methods for elections and polling for reaching consensual decisions. (Successive excluding polls – Polls through ranking – Polls through positive and negative points for each alternative)


Topic Energy

Possibilities of the deployment of small and medium scale compressed air storage for the storage of Energy

Are small, decentralized hydroelectric facilities capable of working economically? Under which conditions?

Which is the prospective potential of small hydroelectical facilities?

Which potential (economical, technical, climatic, energetic) is hidden in the harvest of energy by means of infrared nano antennas?

Survey of the aptitude of silanes for the storage of energy

Chances and dangers of the use of silanes as energy carriers


Topic Climate

Is it possible to protect the gulfstream from breakdown? (cooling of critical points of the circulation systems with the use of heat pump or infrared nanoantenna arrays)

Can critical deposits of methane clathrate be protected by the deployment of infrared nanoantenna arrays?

Chances and dangers of a grand scale deployment of infrared nanoantenna arrays for the climate

Is it possible to influence the development of tornadoes by gigantic infrared nanoantenna arrays?


Topic Horticulture/Agriculture

Development, deployment und usability of recipes for the production of Terra Preta


Topic Architecture

Elaboration of  constructions of eco-habitat-buildings following the requirements as specified in my (still only German) book „Eco-Habitats“ (durability, generation of energy, thermic insulation, community forming, social integration, future orientation, integration of living space, workspace and nature…)



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